ALO (Aristide Loria - 05/09/1981) is an Italian artist based in London. He is a painter with a highly recognizable expressionist style who has developed his work both in studio and in the streets. His first urban art works appeared in Italy and then London, Paris, Berlin and New York. The artist describes his style as 'Urban Expressionism'.

ALO’s work can be easily related to the milestones of art history. He is influenced by many of the artistic movements born just before World War II all over Europe: from Cubism to Expressionism, mostly French and German.

ALO talks through his art; his canvases and street pieces have an incredible communicative power. His pixelated portraits deliver a strong idea of research for elegance and deeper human inner side.

ALO tailors striped clothes around his elegant female figures which have the same void eyes à la Demoiselles d’Avignon, but they are also full of life and emotions: sweetness, love, desperation, anger, madness, elegance and dignity. Beautiful stylised women; lost characters in the city corners, looking for life.

ALO is a painter who adapted his indoor techniques, mainly brushes and acrylic based, to the outdoor surfaces. The bright palette of mostly primary colours chosen for the backgrounds defines the emotional range of each artwork. ALO’s outdoor pieces are slowly processed; the work is conceived through many phases of preparation of the surface and the details are carefully layered.

ALO spots his subjects in the streets, he metamorphoses them and eventually brings them back to the urban environment in the form of works of art.